Waste not, want not

has always been our purpose

Playing our part in protecting the worlds resources for future generations

At Quantiful we want to play our part in building a sustainable future for ourselves, our customers and the generations that follow.

We define our purpose as “Waste not, want not” an age-old expression which for Quantiful people today mean we are committed to helping our customers make better use of data, AI technology and our collective talent to help preserve the worlds precious resources, ultimately leading to more sustainable resource use and better financial outcomes.

As a New Zealand headquartered company with offices around the world we do this by providing a state-of-the-art supply chain planning tool, QU to our customers. QU immediately upgrades our customers capabilities and free’s them from spreadsheet drudgery by delivering more accurate forecasts and better insight all packaged in a purpose-built web-based interface.

Our Values

Our feet are on the ground
We deliver sensible and actionable solutions that work to drive a positive difference immediately.
Our hands are on the job
We listen then do what we say no matter what.
Our hearts are with each other
We respect and admire each other's ability, contribution, unique background and personality.
Our eyes are on the future
We are always looking to get one step ahead for our clients keeping them better informed, prepared and different.

Our Leadership

Jamie Cormack
Founder and CEO
A seasoned executive with proven experience in Australasian markets, Jamie has 20 years’ experience managing enterprise products and supply chains. He was previously Managing Director of Brightstar Services (Malaysia), a global company specializing in the reselling of mobile devices. Jamie's hobbies golf, tennis and getting scammed for cash and days off school by his teenage sons.
Alan Gourdie
Founder and Chairman
An innovative leader and technologist, Alan has over 30 years’experience as a senior executive working across the telecommunications and FMCG sectors in NZ, Amsterdam, Singapore, and London. Previous roles include Global Marketing Manager for Heineken (Amsterdam), and CEO (Retail) at Telecom New Zealand (Spark). At home Alan’s belief in his handyman skills provide enormous income opportunities for local tradies.

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