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The worlds most advanced enterprise planning tool

QU's AI SaaS tool is designed to deliver highly accurate, explainable forecasts of future demand.

Whether it is near, mid or long term planning, QU uses a state-of-the-art AI/ML technology to deliver the world’s most accurate forecasts with supported insights to the drivers of demand to help planners around the world understand and leverage market behaviour for a go-to-market advantage.

What sets QU apart

QU's proven, proprietary AI/ML algorithms fine-tuned for accuracy for each forecasting horizon and industry. 

QU data; QU's trove of global data used to predict buying volatility ahead of demand. Over 200 data sets including social, search, economic, environmental, event and web. QU applies the best data set to improve forecast accuracy. 

An intuitive web-based portal frees users from spreadsheet drudgery with many automated features.

From QU to bottom-line benefits

From data to insights to forecasts; More accurate forecasts mean stock levels can be lowered with confidence while maintaining or improving availability.

QU automatically illustrates the top-ranked future influences of buying behaviour that are shaping demand. We call them Demand Drivers™ which are being used by planners, product managers and marketers to generate insight right through from NPD to SKU by location management. 

Whether it is increasing stock turn, reducing out of stock, improving use of working capital or keeping ahead of new market trends, QU will give you the advantage.
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