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Quantiful is part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network

Quantiful has chosen to partner with AWS to take advantage of its scalable, resilient infrastructure and cutting-edge technology solutions. The best technology is required to help us deliver our solution at scale, and support us with dataset cleaning, validation and feature engineering. Quantiful has customers across New Zealand and South-East Asia – so we also need a partner that makes our solution globally accessible.

AWS provides the secure, cloud-based platform and the tools required to process the significant amount of in-house structured and semi-structured data that is used to augment the customer’s bespoke dataset to enhance Quantiful’s predictions. Leveraging AWS Glue and PySpark for massive parallel processing allows us to deliver forecasts for large volumes of product items per location. To ensure we can manage the variety of data, we leverage AWS Glue to maintain data catalogues which allows data scientists to pick and choose which data is applicable during the ETL process. AWS’s Sagemaker is used by our Data Scientists to build, train, and deploy machine learning at scale.
The depth and breadth of tools available in AWS has enabled the build of our modern, cloud-based application ‘QU’ that has been designed and developed as a server-less cloud platform using RDS Aurora DB to allow the application to automatically grow as Quantiful’s needs expand in the future.

The AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR) has enabled us to ensure our software environment is aligned with AWS best practices with regard to architectural choices, security, back-up and disaster recovery. This provides Quantiful, and our customers, with the highest level of confidence when deploying our world-class solution.
QU uses AWS’s cloud based platform and leading edge AI technologies to synthesize millions of data points which are combined with our proprietary machine learning algorithms to deliver vastly improved business forecasting. This takes the guesswork out of demand planning and product management for our customers in retail, telecommunications and gaming.
- Jamie Cormack, Co-Founder

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